Be Ready for Violent Liberals


Rule #4: Be prepared for liberal violence, and fight backLiberal violence

(Note: This is an excerpt from “Rules for Conservative Radicals”, to be published soon).

Every time you hold a rally, debate, or a conservative public event of any kind, expect the liberals to show up in droves and become violent. Even in one-on-one discussions, expect violence sooner or later. Why? Because the liberals’ feeble brains can’t handle the idea that they’re wrong. They can’t handle differing opinions of any kind so they become violent. So be prepared for it and fight back viciously.

We covered this earlier with the discussion of the liberals attacking Donald Trump supporters in San Jose. The leftists attacked without warning; chasing and beating the Trump supporters as well at hitting them in the face with eggs. Why? Because liberals are inherently violent. It’s their nature.

Attacked While on Stage
May 2016: Milo Yiannopoulos, the technical editor at, was giving a presentation at DePaul University.  Part way into being interviewed by the host, protesters stormed the stage, blew whistles, grabbed the microphone out of the interviewer’s hand, and threatened to punch Yiannopoulos in the face. Milo tried to continue, but the protesters wouldn’t let him.

When Milo and the people in his party went outside, they were physically attacked by the liberals. Why? Because liberals are violent people. They become violent when you don’t agree with everything they say.

The Solution: Fight Back Viciously
The only way to deal with the liberals is to fight back viciously, with the intent of destroying them.

Here’s an example: On June 25, 2016, a group called the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) assembled in Sacramento, California, in order to hold a rally. A bunch of liberals from an organization called “By Any Means Necessary” (BAMN) arrived to disrupt it because they didn’t like the viewpoints of the TWP. The BAMN members were planning to be violent: they arrived with wooden batons, shields, and pieces of concrete with which to attack the TWP. Without provocation, 400 BAMN members attacked 30 TWP members.

Unfortunately for the BAMN members, the TWP had planned for violence from liberals; they were armed with knives. A brawl ensued, and after the police broke it up, 10 people were sent to the hospital with knife wounds: 2 TWP members and 8 BAMN members.  Two of the BAMN members were critically wounded.

Why did the TWP members bring weapons? Because they knew that there would probably be liberals at their rally and the liberals would get violent. They were right. And they handled it perfectly; they fought back with the intent to destroy the liberals. They saved their own lives because they fought back viciously and without mercy. Here’s the story: Liberals attack a peaceful rally.

Always be prepared for liberal violence. Learn and practice fighting techniques, know the assault and battery laws, and be prepared to deliver a massive counter-attack the moment the liberals get violent.

Beat Them Until They’re Neutralized
Here’s an example of how to deliver an effective counter-attack.  (This has nothing to do with liberals, but it’s an excellent example of how to deliver an effective counter-attack). This is a video that was taken during a dance at a wedding in India. A young Muslim man approached a young woman and tried to force her to dance with him. When she refused, he slapped her. Then he finds out that the woman is an experienced fighter because she immediately starts beating him up badly.

Muslim gets his ass kicked by a girl.
At :07 he slaps her.
At :08 she starts beating the snot out of him.
At :16 her girlfriend breaks up the fight and takes the ass-kicking girl off-screen.
At :24 the girl goes back in, knocks the guy to the ground and starts beating him again.

That’s how to do it with liberals. Attack with full fury and don’t stop until they’re immobilized or unconscious. Fight dirty. Use anything for a weapon. Don’t give in or back down. Take them down and deliver a beating like they’ve never had before, because the only way to shut up a liberal is to show them that they aren’t the center of the universe. A vicious beating will do that. It lets them know that they aren’t gods and their opinions aren’t gospel.

One more thing: if you disagree with this rule and you say “Don’t lower yourself to their level”, realize this: Liberals don’t think they’re “lower” than you. They think they’re far superior to you. You’re nothing but dirt to them. When you beat them senseless you’re showing them that they’re incorrect in that assumption. Violence is the only language they understand clearly. Speak to them in their language by beating the hell out of them.

In short: always be prepared for liberal violence and be prepared to take them down. It’s the only way to survive around liberals.


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