May 252016

I think this entire “transgender bathroom” nonsense is a smokescreen.  I think that Trump is way ahead of Hillary in the polls and the LSM concocted a “scandal” to draw attention away from it.  Really. Think about it for a moment….

Every day Hillary shows the libs what a witch she is.  She’s insulted:

  • Black people with her obvious pandering (“I carry hot sauce in my purse!”)
  • Hispanics, with her phony I’m just like your grandmother! campaign.
  • Women, by taking millions of dollars from Islamic countries.
  • The entire state of California by telling them “your vote doesn’t matter”.

The liberals are slowly waking up to the truth: Hillary’s “leadership” would consist of issuing orders, raising taxes, swinging deals that line her pockets with millions of dollars, and holding press conferences during which she tells The People “Too bad if you don’t like it. I’m the queen”.

In addition, Hillary is floundering in her message:

It’s become obvious that her campaign is run on nothing but image.  She hasn’t said what she’ll *do* because she can’t really do anything.  So all she’s left with is attacking Trump.  And that’s not going well either.

So the LameStream Media has to do something to cover all this up.  And what better thing to do than build up the transgender bathroom issue? They know that it’ll get the conservatives in a rage, and that’ll bring out all the gay activists, so they run with it. This sort of conflict involves everyone and is good for many weeks of headlines and “top stories” in the news.

So Trump is probably really far ahead in the polls with both dems and conservatives, and the LSM is pulling out all stops to hide it.  Why else would they make such a big stink out of an issue that affects .03% of the population?

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