Nov 122015

One of the questions asked during the fourth GOP debate Hillary Too Stupidwas about the candidate’s ability to stand up to Hillary Clinton: “Hillary Clinton has arguably more experience, and certainly more time in government than almost all of you on stage tonight. Why should the American people trust you to lead this country, even though she has been so much closer to the office?

Marco Rubio got that question, and he stumbled through a long and convoluted answer about this being “an election for the future”.  That’s the type of answer that comes from someone who hasn’t  analyzed Hillary’s actions for weapons to attack her with.

Candidates…..why are you having so much trouble?  There’s a weapon that you could wield against Hillary that will work over and over and over again, and it’ll work every time: Hillary is a proven bald-faced liar.  She lies to America, to television audiences, and to the grieving families of the brave men butchered in Benghazi, and she doesn’t even flinch when she does it.
That’s a huge weapon you can use against her.

How to Stop Hillary:
Anytime Hillary says anything, accuse her of lying. Don’t be nice about it. Slap her in the face with her lies every time she says anything.  Every campaign promise she makes is a lie.  Every promise to be a “champion” is a lie.  Every word she says is a lie.  How do you know it isn’t? She’s proven many times that she can lie with a straight face. So unless she has indisputable proof of the truth of her statements, it’s a lie. And even then, her “proof” could be a lie. This is the message that you want to sink into the heads of her supporters.

FUD Factors for the Win:
By doing this, you’re generating “FUD” (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) in the minds of the Democrat voters. You want her potential voters to doubt everything she says. Every promise, every speech, and every pandering should generate doubt in their minds.  During the Democrat debate she promised all kinds of goodies to the liberals. She was lying.  Do you have proof that she wasn’t? Then it’s a lie.

A debate with Hillary would be an easy thing. Just scoff and laugh at everything she says because it’s a lie!  It would be like when Paul Ryan debated Giggling Joe Biden. Biden didn’t have anything substantive, so he just scoffed at Paul Ryan. That’s all you need to do with Hillary.

Wake up, candidates. Grab the bitch by the horns and slam her into the pavement. Start running ads that show her lying. When the debate comes, beat that drum again. Tell the Democrats that they’re not going to get all the things she’s promising.

•    There will be no “expanded employment opportunities”.
•    There’ll be no “tax relief for small businesses and the middle class”.
•    There won’t be any “comprehensive immigration reform”.

Why? Because she’s lying! She has no proof that she isn’t, and plenty of proof that she is.

So while you’re putting together your plans and your programs to stop Hillary, make the primary weapon Hillary’s penchant for lying.  Laugh openly at everything she says because it’s so ridiculous that she’s even considering running for president.

By openly attacking her and bringing up her habitual lying over and over, it’ll finally sink into the heads of the more sane Democrats that they’ve been suckers all these years and it’s time to elect someone who won’t lie to them and then stab them in the back once she’s safely in office.


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