Nov 292016

Now we see the real reason, the ultimate goal, for Germamerkel-as-hitlerny admitting (and then not deporting) the Muslims: taking control of the citizens.  Chancellor Angela Merkel is introducing new legislation for Germany:

Enhanced spying on the citizens:

Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, thus rendering them helpless to ever-expanding totalitarian government rule:

Since Angela Merkel wasn’t able to prove that there was radical activity from the right-wing to warrant extreme measures, she imported hundreds of thousands of radical Muslims to spread chaos and fear. This would make the citizens demand that the government do something.  And Merkel’s “something” is to clamp down on the citizens more.

By taking away guns and setting up constant surveillance, Merkel has guaranteed that no citizen will launch an offensive against her totalitarian government. She can go about looting the coffers of the government and setting herself up for life and there’s nothing the citizens can do about it.

That’s the bullet we dodged by electing Trump. Hillary would have done exactly the same thing.  She already said that she would import hundreds of thousands of Muslims and then try to repeal the Second Amendment. Why would she do that?  For the same reason Merkel is doing it: total control.  The citizens can’t drag her out of office when she’s the only one with weapons.


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