Aug 042016

Mr. Trump:How Trump can win the election

Congratulations on securing the Republican nomination for president.  You did a great job in the primaries and have laid out a clear plan for improving America.

Now you need to change your tactics immediately. In the general election you’re up against Hillary Clinton; a ruthless adversary who will spare no expense in order to take you down.  You must begin attacking her hard, and you must begin NOW.  You have three months before the general election so begin now in order to build up a huge bad image about her.  If you don’t, America will become a socialist third-world country where poverty and crime runs rampant.

How to do this? Go extremely negative. Here are six steps:

  1. Aggressively question Hillary’s health. As we remember, Hillary acted in a very bizarre manner at the Democrat convention. She also acted like a bobblehead during an interview. This could be caused by a medical condition.  Hire a doctor to watch the videos, proclaim that she has an illness (such as a recent stroke) and then demand that she make her medical records public.  This is a favorite tactic of Democrats, so use it against her.  When she refuses, demand to know “What’s she hiding??”.  Insist that her unwillingness to release her medical records is proof that she’s too ill to be president. Hit her with that again and again and again. Make it a big deal and don’t let up.  Take it all the way to election day.
  1. Push Hillary’s connection with illegal immigration. At every one of your campaign stops, bring black and Hispanic conservatives who have had family members killed by illegals onto the stage and have them tearfully blame Hillary. Point to Hillary’s desire to open the border and then demand an answer out of Hillary: why does she want more blacks and Hispanics murdered by illegals? Keep this up in addition to the demand for her medical records.
  1. Tie Hillary to the San Bernardino and Orlando terrorist murders. Point out that Hillary wants to import between one million and two million more Muslims into America. Have gay men come on stage and angrily demand to know why Hillary hates gays so much that she’ll bring in Two Million Muslims who want gay people dead. Have women come on stage and demand to know why Hillary wants to turn America into the rape capitol of the world. Keep this up in addition to #1 and #2, above.
  1. Create an “Investigation into Benghazi” forum. Use it to showcase Hillary’s “leadership style”, which is: ignore American security, do nothing during the attack, let Americans die, and then blame it on someone else. Tell Americans that their sons and daughters in the military will be under the command of a woman who will let them die just so she doesn’t lose political points.  Have families of the victims of Benghazi, San Bernardino, and Orlando come on stage and blame Hillary.  Demand to know why Hillary wants more Americans dead.  Keep this up in addition to #1, #2, and #3, above.
  1. Point out that Hillary lies constantly. She lied about Benghazi, she lied about Bosnia, and she lied about her private email server. Now she’s promising all kinds of things to her constituents if she’s elected. But she’s lying. She’s already proven that she’ll lie without any compunction. With a Hillary presidency there will be no “expanded employment opportunities”, no “tax relief for small businesses and the middle class”, and no “comprehensive immigration reform”. She’s lying to everyone. It’s all a hoax so she can get into the White House and make herself richer by selling more influence.
  1. Have people ready to attack the media when the media, expectedly, attacks back. Blame them of covering up the truth and promoting lies just so they can sell advertising. Use their phony Trayvon Martin stories and the “hands up don’t shoot” scam that they pushed as proof. Use this opportunity to bash the media hard as in-the-tank for Hillary and by doing so, killing Americans. Demand to know why they hate Americans. Read their own code of ethics to them and demand to know why they aren’t living up to them.

The point is: Attack, attack, attack. Invest at least 50% of your time attacking her with the points above. Make her followers really doubt her, and convince the conservatives that you’re a fighter so that they’ll go out and campaign harder to get Hillary knocked out of the race. We can’t afford Hillary Clinton in office. She must be taken down and the best way to do it is to be totally negative.

So please get started now so that the attacks will be relentless by November. We’ll see you in the White House.

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