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Today is July 31, 2016 – 3 days after the end of the Democratconfused Hillary_small convention and Hillary’s acceptance speech.  But there are no poll numbers showing her standing after the convention.  Not a single media outlet, not even the conservative sites, is publishing any poll numbers.  Why not?

Pollsters love taking polls. During Trump’s acceptance speech on July 21 an instant poll was taken while he was speaking and then broadcast on TV. After Trump’s speech a broader poll was taken and the numbers were published on Friday, July 22.  Then his standing was polled practically every day, and the results published afterwards.  But not a peep out of the pollsters for Hillary so far.

Why?  Are her numbers that bad?

I’m willing to bet that the answer is “yes”.  I’m willing to bet that her numbers tanked so badly that the Mainstream Media isn’t going to report them and they’ve paid off the conservative media to stay quiet in order to make the final days of the campaign look like a race, rather than a route by Trump.

Why else would they be so silent?  If she had gotten a bounce from the convention the pollsters would publish it and the media pundits would be singing her praises. But there’s not a sound.

I think her numbers have tanked.  And for good reason, too.  That night was the final culmination of everything wrong with Hillary and the Democrat party. Consider these factors.

1.    The DNC was caught rigging the primaries to favor Hillary. Bernie Sanders never had a chance.  This ticked off a lot of Bernie supporters.
2.    Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, the head of the DNC, was fired for rigging the system and was immediately hired by Hillary. Which means Hillary encourages cheating.
3.    Because of the rigged system, 700 Bernie supporters walked out.
4.    To fill the seats, the DNC ran an ad on Craigslist to hire actors specifically to cheer, applaud, and wave signs.
5.    Meanwhile, Bernie supporters were rioting outside the convention hall, requiring hundreds of police to keep order.
6.    Hillary gave an extremely tepid acceptance speech.  She talked about her mother, promised free college tuition, and promised what Obama promised eight years ago: that she’d create jobs by repairing the infrastructure.  Which apparently didn’t get done during Obama’s term.

So she rigged the primaries, hired a disgraced cheater, hired actors to fill seats at the convention, incited riots outside the convention, and promised to do jobs that another Democrat promised he’d do eight years ago.

Yeah, her numbers tanked.  They probably dropped like a stone.  And here’s one more bit of proof: Reuters, the polling company, radically changed their polling method to favor Clinton. When Reuters suddenly changes the polling method that they’ve been using for decades and then back-interprets the previous polls, you know something is very wrong.

So now we wait for the adjusted poll numbers. But if Hillary is willing to hire actors to wave signs and cheer, she’s willing to pay the polling companies to stop taking polls until she can figure out a way to rig the system to get herself elected.

If Trump is wise, he’ll be on the lookout for that and will expose it the moment he sees anything suspicious. And that will drive Hillary’s numbers so far down that she’ll never get up again.

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