Aug 132016

Muslim “migrants” are destroying Germany.  Rapes, murders, and sexual assaults are happening every day, and they’re all being done by the “migrants” from the Muslim countries.

In July there were:
* 96 murders
* 7 rapes
* 178 sexual assaults

Download the calendar below, and the next time you’re arguing with liberals, show it to them. This calendar shows the murders, rapes, etc. in Germany during July 2016. There are a couple from France, but the rest are Germany.

Download the calendar (it’s a pdf file) by clicking on the image below.

Migrant Attack Calendar_July 2016

This is how bad it’s gotten, and it’s getting worse. This is why Hillary must NOT be elected. She wants to import between one and two million Muslims. With that many people from backward third-world countries, it’s only a matter of time before this calendar applies to us.

Special thanks to for compiling all these crimes into one place.

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