Jul 102014


I don't own this photo. It's a cropped version from the Arizona Republic. All rights reserved.Date: 7/10/2014.
Location: Murietta, California

Situation: Liberals screaming their support for illegal immigrants to be dumped in their city to suck their social services dry and spread diseases like chicken pox, scabies, and head lice.

I’m not going to argue the case against illegal immigrants.  Instead, I share two ideas to make a lot of money off the liberal stupidity.  People who are so dense that they’ll actively scream and protest to let kids with diseases into their town to infect their own children deserve to be separated from their money.

Here are two ideas to suck a lot of money from these idiots.

1. Sell them hats, water, sunscreen, popsicles, and anything else that they’ll need in the hot summer sun.  Why? Because they’ve forgotten to bring it themselves!

How to get them to buy it?  Have a couple of your conservative Hispanic friends sell it to them.  The liberals are idiots; if they see a Hispanic they’ll assume they’re a Democrat and they’ll buy whatever the Hispanic is selling. It’s that easy.

2. Have a phony “petition” for these protestors to sign.  Tell them it’s going to go to “sending a message” to the government to “support the migrant children”.  Get their names and their email addresses.

Then do this: rent the names to list brokers. There are plenty of people who will pay good money for the names of Democrats who respond emotionally to liberal causes.  With enough names you can build a nice income.

So go to these protests happily: there are a lot of stupid liberals out there, and they deserve to get soaked out of their money.


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Mar 162013

There’s a health care organization in California that is providing free health care for illegal aliens.  The organization called The California Endowment has pledged a special allocation of $225 million to support successful implementation of federal health reform in the state.

Endowment Senior Vice President Daniel Zingale said the California Endowment will spend some of the money on exploring health care options for undocumented immigrants.  In other words, illegals.

I’m not going to get into the whole illegal alien thing because it’s been hashed over and over.  The costs of allowing illegals to stay in the state is a heck of a lot more than just the health care costs.  However, this action by the California Endowment provides us with a huge opportunity.

How?  Easy.  Fire all your hourly employees, hire illegals, and then send them to the California Endowment for their health care.  Why not?  The libs are setting this up, so take advantage of it!

Find out more!  The California Endowment is at:
1000 N. Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(800) 449-4149

Call them today and drive your insurance costs down!


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