Nov 052011

Weekend Commentary:

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan’s pathetic, but typically liberal, attempts to appease the Occupy Oakland rioters by offering to “dialogue” with them has resulted in chaos and destruction as the rioters vandalized businesses, set fires, smashed windows, blocked traffic, and shut down the Port of Oakland.

Now that we’ve had several years of direct observation of how well appeasement works, what’s the logical conclusion?  It doesn’t work.  The only thing that works with troublemakers is strict law enforcement and swift punishment.


Oakland Rioter “Dialoging” with Mayor Quan

The age of appeasement is over.  The time for strong leaders and strict law enforcement has arrived.

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Nov 012011

Today’s Stories:

  • KKK and Black Panthers join the Occupy movement.
  • Home prices heading for an historic triple-dip.
  • Another Obama-backed “green” company goes bankrupt.
  • Irony: Occupy Wall Street applies for an eeeeevil trademark.
  • Republican Traitor John Boehner throws in with the Flea Baggers.
  • Bill Maher calls for putting drugs in Halloween candy.


Breaking News:

We have the latest list of people and groups supporting the Occupy movement of Flea Baggers!   Included are such upstanding groups as:

  • The American Nazi Party
  • The Ku Klux Klan
  • The American Communist Party
  • The Black Panthers
  • The Communist Government of North Korea, where ¼ of the citizens are starving.
  • Hugo Chavez, dictator of Venezuela, who recently shut down all media outlets.
  • The Communist Party of China.
  • Hezbollah!  The terrorist organization in the Middle East who regularly kills innocent people through suicide bombing and openly cheered when 3,000 Americans died in the World Trade Center.

Note: Barack Hussein Obama has stated that he’s “on the side” of the Occupy movement.  With a list of supporters like this, every day it becomes more obvious how anti-America Obama really is.

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