Jun 202016

On Sunday, June 19, in an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Obama the MuslimAttorney General Loretta Lynch says that on Monday, the FBI will release edited transcripts of the 911 calls made by the Orlando nightclub shooter to the police during his rampage.  These transcripts would have the words “ISIS”, “Islam” and “Allah” removed.

What was her reason for hiding the truth?  “What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda,” Lynch said. “We are not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance [to the Islamic State].”

Since when is it the job of the Attorney General to create propaganda? It isn’t. There’s a reason she’s doing this.

Covering Up Obama’s Incompetence
AG Lynch is covering up Obama’s total incompetence in stopping terrorism.  Obama has been a total bust in fighting Islamic terrorism. Here are a couple of examples:

•    On November 11, 2015, Barack Obama told America that ISIS was “contained”.  On November 12, ISIS carried out a coordinated raid in Europe, killing 120 people.

•    On December 3, 2015, Obama told CBS’s Norah O’Donnell that America was safe from the Islamic State and urged Americans to feel safe. The next day, Islamic terrorists attacked a nursing home in San Bernardino, killing 14 innocent people.

•    On June 11, 2016, a Muslim terrorist goes into a gay bar in Orlando Florida and kills 49 people and wounds 54 others.  So how does Obama respond? By taking the words “ISIS”, “Islam” and “Allah” out of the 911 transcripts.

At first it might seem that Obama is merely incompetent. But in reality, Obama is probably helping Islamic terrorists. That’s the only reasonable explanation. Why else would he be scrambling to hide any references to Islam whenever there is a shooting?  It’s not just because he’s incompetent. It’s more likely that he’s helping Islam.

Obama admitted to being a Muslim 7 years ago on TV when he was running for president. As a Muslim, it’s his duty to never disparage other Muslims. That’s why he’s hiding Islam in all mass shootings. But by doing so, he’s helping the terrorists.

He’s also creating a dangerous situation for all Americans.  He’s hiding the fact that it’s indeed Islam doing the mass killings, so he doesn’t have to do anything about it.

Obama will be out of office in January of 2017.  It’s critical that we do NOT place another Muslim-loving politician in office. Specifically, we can NOT elect Hillary Clinton. Hillary has taken millions of dollars from Islamic countries that openly kill homosexuals.  She’s also pledged to import more Muslim “refugees” into America even though ISIS has said that they would infiltrate those “refugees” in order to carry out terrorism in America.

America made a mistake electing Obama. Let’s not make the same mistake again.  Because this time our lives depend on it.


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Jun 192016

Today on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” presumptive Republican Donald Trumppresidential nominee Donald Trump suggested that the USA should consider profiling.  During the interview, when asked about profiling Trump said, “Well, I think profiling is something that we’re going to have to start thinking about as a country. We have to look at it seriously.”

Naturally, the liberal media went wild.  CNN, New York Times, and the Washington Post immediately ran stories about Trump wanting to profile Muslims. Of course, they portrayed Trump as an evil person for wanting to do that.  Because, they all claim, “profiling is wrong”.

The LameStream Media Profiles White People:
Oh really? Well then, how many times has the Mainstream Media profiled white people?

Lots of times.  Google “cnn and “white people””, and you get 527,000 results.

Headlines like:
1. 4/13/2016: “What white people have to say about being white”
In which they talk about “sensitizing white people to their own racialized experience”, analyzing ideas like “white privilege” and “structural racism”.

2. 4/2/2016: “Dear white people with dreadlocks…”
In which white people wearing dreadlocks are accused of “cultural appropriation”.

3. March 24, 2016: “White people can’t understand Muslim Culture.” On “CNN Tonight” with Don Lemon,  guest Rula Jebreal claimed “white people” cannot understand Islamic culture.”

NBC News is no better:

June 14 2015: “White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S.”

June 12, 2016: NBC ‘Law Enforcement Expert’ Blamed Orlando Terror Shooting on Anti-Gay ‘White Hate Groups’

So don’t go on about Donald Trump’s call for profiling radical Muslims. Donald Trump is responding in a rational manner to the recent Muslim terrorist attacks in both the United States and Europe where innocent people were slaughtered by Muslims.

14 innocent people died in San Bernardino in 2015. 49 innocent people died in a Muslim terrorist attack in Orlando. Not to mention the Fort Hood shooting and the 3,000 innocent Americans who died in the World Trade Center. Trump is reacting like any sane person would react. He’s recommending an action that will keep terrorists out of the US until we have a better method of screening them.

“But…but…the Orlando killer was born in the USA!” shriek the liberals. Yes, he was. And because we have home-grown Muslim killers already in America, we don’t need to import any more.  That simple idea is obviously beyond the grasp of the feeble liberal brain.

Let’s stop with the BS
So let’s cut the crap about “profiling”. Until the New York Times, CNN, and NBC News stop profiling white people, they have no business criticizing Trump about wanting to profile Muslims.

Because if profiling is meant to stop the people who are profiled, then it all boils down to this:
* Donald Trump wants to stop Muslim terrorists who kill Americans.
* The LameStream Media wants to stop Americans, who want to stop Muslims from killing Americans.

Seeing that, it’s obvious that the real enemy of America is the LameStream Media.

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May 252016

I think this entire “transgender bathroom” nonsense is a smokescreen.  I think that Trump is way ahead of Hillary in the polls and the LSM concocted a “scandal” to draw attention away from it.  Really. Think about it for a moment….

Every day Hillary shows the libs what a witch she is.  She’s insulted:

  • Black people with her obvious pandering (“I carry hot sauce in my purse!”)
  • Hispanics, with her phony I’m just like your grandmother! campaign.
  • Women, by taking millions of dollars from Islamic countries.
  • The entire state of California by telling them “your vote doesn’t matter”.

The liberals are slowly waking up to the truth: Hillary’s “leadership” would consist of issuing orders, raising taxes, swinging deals that line her pockets with millions of dollars, and holding press conferences during which she tells The People “Too bad if you don’t like it. I’m the queen”.

In addition, Hillary is floundering in her message:

It’s become obvious that her campaign is run on nothing but image.  She hasn’t said what she’ll *do* because she can’t really do anything.  So all she’s left with is attacking Trump.  And that’s not going well either.

So the LameStream Media has to do something to cover all this up.  And what better thing to do than build up the transgender bathroom issue? They know that it’ll get the conservatives in a rage, and that’ll bring out all the gay activists, so they run with it. This sort of conflict involves everyone and is good for many weeks of headlines and “top stories” in the news.

So Trump is probably really far ahead in the polls with both dems and conservatives, and the LSM is pulling out all stops to hide it.  Why else would they make such a big stink out of an issue that affects .03% of the population?

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Nov 202015

Here’s why I support Donald Trump.  When he’s president, he’ll deport these vermin and stop this crime wave:

Five Hispanic teens rape a 17 year old girl and leave her naked and unconscious
in a field.


Illegals attack and bite cops. 

Smuggler Smashes Border Patrol Agent’s Face with Rock, Escapes Back to Mexico.

10 Ways Illegals Negatively Impact You Financially.

Illegals Immigrants take over soldier’s home while he’s on deployment, party, rob neighborhood. Urine and feces everywhere.

Half of Illegal Immigrants Eligible for Medicaid.


Keep this information handy and be ready to use it whenever some bleeding-heart liberal gives you the speech about how wonderful illegals are.

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Nov 092015

There’s a story on Breitbart that highlights how the mCNN Newsroom-HandsUpDontShoot-Dec13-bedia has been found out; that they fabricated stories about Ben Carson’s past, and now they’re retracting the stories. CNN, Politico, and the Wall Street Journal have all admitted that they made mistakes in their stories and/or have retracted them.

Why does anyone believe the Mainstream Media anymore? We’ve  seen, over and over, that the MSM will openly lie and fabricate stories and “facts” in order to advance their agenda. Yet, whenever there’s a new “controversial story” by the media, the pundits react with surprise and outrage.


Laughter (at the media) is the best medicine:
The proper response to the MSM is a long yawn and derisive, mocking laughter. They’ve reached the point where CNN Fredrika Whitfield_cropped_titledthey can’t be trusted to report anything accurately. And the more controversial and/or agenda-fitting the story, the more laughter it should elicit. The MSM is doing it to try to cover up the fact that Barack Obama and the Democrats have ruined this country. Only by laughing at them repeatedly will they figure out that they should change their tune. Maybe.

Here, to remind you of why you should never believe the MSM, is a collection of the blatant lies that the MSM told during the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case. Remember what they did in this situation, and never believe their stories ever again.

The Trayvon Martin Case, as distorted by the MainStream Media:

1. March 13, 2013 : Matt Gutman, the ABC News reporter covering the case for the network in Florida tweets that Trayvon was killed “because he was black”.

2. On March 28, ABC News “broke” a “major story” before the evidence was all in. Using surveillance video that hadn’t yet been fully enhanced, ABC claimed that “video taken the night that Trayvon Martin was shot dead shows no blood or bruises on George Zimmerman.”
This premature and completely false accusation would be retracted by ABC News four days later after a full enhancement of the video clearly showed lacerations on Zimmerman’s head.

Associated Press:
On March 8, the Associated Press describes Zimmerman as “white.”

March 19, CBS News falsely describes Zimmerman as white.

March 13, NBC’s Al Sharpton hosts Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump on his primetime MSNBC show; Crump repeatedly refers to Zimmerman as “white.”

1. On March 21, CNN falsely accused Zimmerman of using the racially explosive term “fucking coon” on a 911 call. Live, on the air, during Anderson Cooper’s primetime show, an audio expert listened to an unintelligible audio tape and incorrectly concluded Zimmerman had described Martin as a “fucking coon” just moments before he shot him.
After the audio was fully enhanced (something CNN obviously didn’t wait to do before falsely defaming Zimmerman), it became clear that Zimmerman had either said “fucking cold” or “fucking punks.”
More than two weeks would pass before CNN would retract its falsehood.
2. July 13: Nancy Grace falsely claimed Zimmerman said “fucking coon” during her HLN primetime show. Grace has never corrected the record.
3. July 16: on Erin Burnett’s primetime CNN show, guest Safiya Songhai claimed Zimmerman’s “on the tape saying F-ing coons.” Burnett did not correct the record.

1. March 13, NBC’s Al Sharpton hosts Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump on his primetime MSNBC show; Crump repeatedly refers to Zimmerman as “white.”

2. On March 27, the “Today Show” would air audio of a 911 call that they had maliciously edited.
Here is what NBC broadcast:
Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.
Here is the actual conversation:
Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.
Dispatcher: OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?
Zimmerman: He looks black.
After the fraudulent editing was discovered, NBC News issued a full retraction and fired a number of the producers involved.

This is only one instance. If you’d like more, here’s a list of “hate hoaxes” that the MSM excitedly pushed onto the public, only to retract them later.

So from this point forward, laugh at the Mainstream Media. Until proven otherwise, they’re lying. Facts have been fabricated, stories have been altered, and information has been left out. They’re pushing an agenda, and that’s all. So laugh at them openly and be done with it. When we do that enough, they’ll stop doing it. That, or they’ll go out of business. Either way, the lying problem is solved.


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Nov 042015

Actions speak louder than words.

Democrats always claim that they’re smarter and more sophisticated than Republicans. They aren’t, and it’s revealed in their actions.  Here are four recent example of what they’re really like: intolerant, vindictive, and childish.

1. Latino kids say “f*ck you!” to Donald Trump
Deport this (Screenshot / deportracism.com)


2. White liberal writer calls Dr. Ben Carson a “token”.


3. Head of the NAACP calls Dr. Ben Carson a “safe negro”.


4. Women on The View insult Carly Fiorina’s face.


Name-calling, racial slurs, and insults; those are what Democrats are all about. Therefore, whenever you’re talking to a Democrat, realize that who you’re talking to is an intolerant bigot with the maturity level of a four-year-old child who will stab you in the back the first chance they get.  Then deal with them accordingly.


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Nov 132011

Weekend Commentary:

GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain has been under attack lately for alleged sexual improprieties.  Whether or not they’re true remains to be seen.  Before we judge him though, let’s take a look at what’s been happening, because it impacts you and me.

How much does it impact our lives?  More than you might imagine because this attack is typical of how liberals make life-destroying accusations based on nothing.  So before you become a victim of a screaming liberal, learn how to fight back and win.


This is “two women”, according to liberals

Lawyer: “…I was retained by a female employee of the National Restaurant Association”   “She and her husband see no value in revisiting this matter now nor in discussing the matter any further publicly.”  Translated from Lawyer-ese, this means that there are no people and no charges.  In other words, the accusers of Herman Cain don’t exist.  It’s a hoax until proven otherwise.

Let’s not slide back to colonial times when people were burned at the stake as witches just because villagers said they were witches.  Demand that liberals prove every single word they say with documented research, names, data, surveys that THEY have done, etc.  If they don’t have it, they’re lying.  As usual.

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