Nov 292015

On Friday, November 27 2015, roughly 3,000 demonstrators shut Creating Racismdown a large portion of Michigan Avenue in Chicago during Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, to protest the shooting of black teenager Laquon McDonald. The demonstrators shouted “No justice, no shopping!” and marched slowly, taking up five city blocks along Michigan Ave., effectively blocking shoppers from entering the stores for the Black Friday sales.

It’s understandable that the black community would be upset about the killing of Laquon McDonald. And it’s understandable that they want to march in protest. But for what purpose? Officer Van Dyke has been arrested and is in prison awaiting trial for first-degree murder. Justice is being served.

Creating Their Own Racism
Shutting down the Chicago shopping center doesn’t help their cause. In fact, it makes it worse. These protests are causing the racism that they’ve been fighting for years. By acting like criminals and shutting down commerce and blocking freeways every time they have a conflict with law enforcement, the blacks are making non-black people hate them.

Riots, Assaults, Looting:
• Florida, the Trayvon Martin incident: Rioting by blacks for days. Cars set on fire, windows smashed, people assaulted.
• Ferguson, the Michael Brown incident: Rioting by blacks for days. Cars set on fire, windows smashed, people assaulted, homes and businesses burned to the ground. One of the most emblematic scenes of the incident is Michael Brown’s deadbeat stepdad screaming “burn this bitch down!” after the verdict.
Dartmouth College: Black Lives Matter protesters, upset about perceived racial infractions, skip classes, block walkways, and assault white students in the library.
Canada: Black students at the University of Guelph in Canada barricade the Vice President in her office and accuse the college of ‘anti-black racism’.

What do the blacks think will happen when they do that?Creating Racism Do they think all that screaming and assaulting people will get them respect? It won’t. It’ll get them arrested and imprisoned.

All that behavior does is make people hate blacks. It’s hard to be sympathetic toward a group of people who consistently destroy property and disrupt others’ daily lives every time they feel aggrieved.

And the feelings of animus have spread online. Comments to news stories of the black protests include these:

I used to think that blacks were just like other people. But after seeing riot after riot, I believe the Negroes will never amount to anything.

I’ve peaked on the daily monkeyshines and no longer delude myself into thinking blacks will ever hold up their end and become dark skinned white people.

The biggest mistake this country ever made was not to send every single black person back to Africa after the Civil War.

If the blacks really want to stop racism, then they need to stop acting like criminals every time they don’t agree with law enforcement. Both Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were proven to be thugs who assaulted someone and got shot. Officer Jason Van Dyke has been arrested, charged with first-degree murder, and is waiting trial.

It’s time for blacks to stop the loud disruptive protests, act civilized, and let justice be served. Because all that’s happening now is that the blacks are causing the very racism that they decry.


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