Nov 292015

On Friday, November 27 2015, roughly 3,000 demonstrators shut Creating Racismdown a large portion of Michigan Avenue in Chicago during Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, to protest the shooting of black teenager Laquon McDonald. The demonstrators shouted “No justice, no shopping!” and marched slowly, taking up five city blocks along Michigan Ave., effectively blocking shoppers from entering the stores for the Black Friday sales.

It’s understandable that the black community would be upset about the killing of Laquon McDonald. And it’s understandable that they want to march in protest. But for what purpose? Officer Van Dyke has been arrested and is in prison awaiting trial for first-degree murder. Justice is being served.

Creating Their Own Racism
Shutting down the Chicago shopping center doesn’t help their cause. In fact, it makes it worse. These protests are causing the racism that they’ve been fighting for years. By acting like criminals and shutting down commerce and blocking freeways every time they have a conflict with law enforcement, the blacks are making non-black people hate them.

Riots, Assaults, Looting:
• Florida, the Trayvon Martin incident: Rioting by blacks for days. Cars set on fire, windows smashed, people assaulted.
• Ferguson, the Michael Brown incident: Rioting by blacks for days. Cars set on fire, windows smashed, people assaulted, homes and businesses burned to the ground. One of the most emblematic scenes of the incident is Michael Brown’s deadbeat stepdad screaming “burn this bitch down!” after the verdict.
Dartmouth College: Black Lives Matter protesters, upset about perceived racial infractions, skip classes, block walkways, and assault white students in the library.
Canada: Black students at the University of Guelph in Canada barricade the Vice President in her office and accuse the college of ‘anti-black racism’.

What do the blacks think will happen when they do that?Creating Racism Do they think all that screaming and assaulting people will get them respect? It won’t. It’ll get them arrested and imprisoned.

All that behavior does is make people hate blacks. It’s hard to be sympathetic toward a group of people who consistently destroy property and disrupt others’ daily lives every time they feel aggrieved.

And the feelings of animus have spread online. Comments to news stories of the black protests include these:

I used to think that blacks were just like other people. But after seeing riot after riot, I believe the Negroes will never amount to anything.

I’ve peaked on the daily monkeyshines and no longer delude myself into thinking blacks will ever hold up their end and become dark skinned white people.

The biggest mistake this country ever made was not to send every single black person back to Africa after the Civil War.

If the blacks really want to stop racism, then they need to stop acting like criminals every time they don’t agree with law enforcement. Both Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were proven to be thugs who assaulted someone and got shot. Officer Jason Van Dyke has been arrested, charged with first-degree murder, and is waiting trial.

It’s time for blacks to stop the loud disruptive protests, act civilized, and let justice be served. Because all that’s happening now is that the blacks are causing the very racism that they decry.


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Nov 282015

Number of Kids Crossing Border into U.S. Continues Growing.
October numbers of families crossing the border represents a 150 percent increase over the same month in 2014.

Threat of Islamic State Infiltrating Southern Border.
Reports have revealed several incidents of Syrian nationals, some using fraudulent passports, attempting to enter the U.S. illegally.

Bernie Sanders promises more executive action to halt deportations and give Obamacare to illegal immigrants.

Three illegals arrested for possession of a firearm.

Immigration rights protesters crash Christian GOP candidate forum in Iowa: ‘I don’t care about the law!

8 Syrians caught at Texas border trying to enter US illegally.

5 Syrians steal passports, try to enter U.S.
Men caught with doctored photos on Greek IDs.

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Nov 202015

Here’s why I support Donald Trump.  When he’s president, he’ll deport these vermin and stop this crime wave:

Five Hispanic teens rape a 17 year old girl and leave her naked and unconscious
in a field.

Illegals attack and bite cops.

Smuggler Smashes Border Patrol Agent’s Face with Rock, Escapes Back to Mexico.

10 Ways Illegals Negatively Impact You Financially.

Illegals Immigrants take over soldier’s home while he’s on deployment, party, rob neighborhood. Urine and feces everywhere.

Half of Illegal Immigrants Eligible for Medicaid.


Keep this information handy and be ready to use it whenever some bleeding-heart liberal gives you the speech about how wonderful illegals are.

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Nov 152015

As the 2016 election draws closer the difference betweTrump will deport illegal immigrantsen the two front-runners, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, becomes more stark and more obvious.  Trump is a loyal American who believes in the law and the safety of legal Americans, and Hillary is a pandering liar who supports criminals.

Two things happened recently that prove this unequivocally.

At a rally on November 14, Donald Trump embraced the parents of children murdered by illegal immigrantsFelicia Ruiz’s mother described how her daughter was murdered in 1999 by an illegal who subsequently fled home to Venezuela. “We need to elect someone like Mr Trump so he can stop all this, please,“ she said, before hugging Trump.  “If I win, we will get [the murderer] out, fast,” Trump responded.

In contrast, 0n November 2, Hillary Clinton held a private meeting with the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Hillary Clinton met with a collection of parents including the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice.  (She) discussed their losses and outlined her criminal justice reform and gun control plans.

As you remember, Trayvon Martin was a punk who attacked George Zimmerman and got shot dead, and Michael Brown was a criminal who was shot dead after he attacked a police officer. The media tried to portray both incidents as “racism”, but investigations and court trials proved otherwise: they were punks who attacked people and got shot because of it.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Trump and Hillary have just shown what they’ll do about the criminals in America: Trump will protect law-abiding American citizens by deporting and locking out illegals.  Hillary will protect thugs and criminals by taking guns away from law-abiding citizens and restricting the actions of the police.  It’s that simple.

As it’s said: “Action speaks louder than words”.  We’ve just seen both candidates take action, and those actions spoke volumes. If we want a safe society, it’s imperative that we keep Hillary and her criminals out of the White House.


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Nov 122015

One of the questions asked during the fourth GOP debate Hillary Too Stupidwas about the candidate’s ability to stand up to Hillary Clinton: “Hillary Clinton has arguably more experience, and certainly more time in government than almost all of you on stage tonight. Why should the American people trust you to lead this country, even though she has been so much closer to the office?

Marco Rubio got that question, and he stumbled through a long and convoluted answer about this being “an election for the future”.  That’s the type of answer that comes from someone who hasn’t  analyzed Hillary’s actions for weapons to attack her with.

Candidates…..why are you having so much trouble?  There’s a weapon that you could wield against Hillary that will work over and over and over again, and it’ll work every time: Hillary is a proven bald-faced liar.  She lies to America, to television audiences, and to the grieving families of the brave men butchered in Benghazi, and she doesn’t even flinch when she does it.
That’s a huge weapon you can use against her.

How to Stop Hillary:
Anytime Hillary says anything, accuse her of lying. Don’t be nice about it. Slap her in the face with her lies every time she says anything.  Every campaign promise she makes is a lie.  Every promise to be a “champion” is a lie.  Every word she says is a lie.  How do you know it isn’t? She’s proven many times that she can lie with a straight face. So unless she has indisputable proof of the truth of her statements, it’s a lie. And even then, her “proof” could be a lie. This is the message that you want to sink into the heads of her supporters.

FUD Factors for the Win:
By doing this, you’re generating “FUD” (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) in the minds of the Democrat voters. You want her potential voters to doubt everything she says. Every promise, every speech, and every pandering should generate doubt in their minds.  During the Democrat debate she promised all kinds of goodies to the liberals. She was lying.  Do you have proof that she wasn’t? Then it’s a lie.

A debate with Hillary would be an easy thing. Just scoff and laugh at everything she says because it’s a lie!  It would be like when Paul Ryan debated Giggling Joe Biden. Biden didn’t have anything substantive, so he just scoffed at Paul Ryan. That’s all you need to do with Hillary.

Wake up, candidates. Grab the bitch by the horns and slam her into the pavement. Start running ads that show her lying. When the debate comes, beat that drum again. Tell the Democrats that they’re not going to get all the things she’s promising.

•    There will be no “expanded employment opportunities”.
•    There’ll be no “tax relief for small businesses and the middle class”.
•    There won’t be any “comprehensive immigration reform”.

Why? Because she’s lying! She has no proof that she isn’t, and plenty of proof that she is.

So while you’re putting together your plans and your programs to stop Hillary, make the primary weapon Hillary’s penchant for lying.  Laugh openly at everything she says because it’s so ridiculous that she’s even considering running for president.

By openly attacking her and bringing up her habitual lying over and over, it’ll finally sink into the heads of the more sane Democrats that they’ve been suckers all these years and it’s time to elect someone who won’t lie to them and then stab them in the back once she’s safely in office.


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Nov 092015

There’s a story on Breitbart that highlights how the mCNN Newsroom-HandsUpDontShoot-Dec13-bedia has been found out; that they fabricated stories about Ben Carson’s past, and now they’re retracting the stories. CNN, Politico, and the Wall Street Journal have all admitted that they made mistakes in their stories and/or have retracted them.

Why does anyone believe the Mainstream Media anymore? We’ve  seen, over and over, that the MSM will openly lie and fabricate stories and “facts” in order to advance their agenda. Yet, whenever there’s a new “controversial story” by the media, the pundits react with surprise and outrage.


Laughter (at the media) is the best medicine:
The proper response to the MSM is a long yawn and derisive, mocking laughter. They’ve reached the point where CNN Fredrika Whitfield_cropped_titledthey can’t be trusted to report anything accurately. And the more controversial and/or agenda-fitting the story, the more laughter it should elicit. The MSM is doing it to try to cover up the fact that Barack Obama and the Democrats have ruined this country. Only by laughing at them repeatedly will they figure out that they should change their tune. Maybe.

Here, to remind you of why you should never believe the MSM, is a collection of the blatant lies that the MSM told during the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case. Remember what they did in this situation, and never believe their stories ever again.

The Trayvon Martin Case, as distorted by the MainStream Media:

1. March 13, 2013 : Matt Gutman, the ABC News reporter covering the case for the network in Florida tweets that Trayvon was killed “because he was black”.

2. On March 28, ABC News “broke” a “major story” before the evidence was all in. Using surveillance video that hadn’t yet been fully enhanced, ABC claimed that “video taken the night that Trayvon Martin was shot dead shows no blood or bruises on George Zimmerman.”
This premature and completely false accusation would be retracted by ABC News four days later after a full enhancement of the video clearly showed lacerations on Zimmerman’s head.

Associated Press:
On March 8, the Associated Press describes Zimmerman as “white.”

March 19, CBS News falsely describes Zimmerman as white.

March 13, NBC’s Al Sharpton hosts Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump on his primetime MSNBC show; Crump repeatedly refers to Zimmerman as “white.”

1. On March 21, CNN falsely accused Zimmerman of using the racially explosive term “fucking coon” on a 911 call. Live, on the air, during Anderson Cooper’s primetime show, an audio expert listened to an unintelligible audio tape and incorrectly concluded Zimmerman had described Martin as a “fucking coon” just moments before he shot him.
After the audio was fully enhanced (something CNN obviously didn’t wait to do before falsely defaming Zimmerman), it became clear that Zimmerman had either said “fucking cold” or “fucking punks.”
More than two weeks would pass before CNN would retract its falsehood.
2. July 13: Nancy Grace falsely claimed Zimmerman said “fucking coon” during her HLN primetime show. Grace has never corrected the record.
3. July 16: on Erin Burnett’s primetime CNN show, guest Safiya Songhai claimed Zimmerman’s “on the tape saying F-ing coons.” Burnett did not correct the record.

1. March 13, NBC’s Al Sharpton hosts Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump on his primetime MSNBC show; Crump repeatedly refers to Zimmerman as “white.”

2. On March 27, the “Today Show” would air audio of a 911 call that they had maliciously edited.
Here is what NBC broadcast:
Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.
Here is the actual conversation:
Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.
Dispatcher: OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?
Zimmerman: He looks black.
After the fraudulent editing was discovered, NBC News issued a full retraction and fired a number of the producers involved.

This is only one instance. If you’d like more, here’s a list of “hate hoaxes” that the MSM excitedly pushed onto the public, only to retract them later.

So from this point forward, laugh at the Mainstream Media. Until proven otherwise, they’re lying. Facts have been fabricated, stories have been altered, and information has been left out. They’re pushing an agenda, and that’s all. So laugh at them openly and be done with it. When we do that enough, they’ll stop doing it. That, or they’ll go out of business. Either way, the lying problem is solved.


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Nov 042015

Actions speak louder than words.

Democrats always claim that they’re smarter and more sophisticated than Republicans. They aren’t, and it’s revealed in their actions.  Here are four recent example of what they’re really like: intolerant, vindictive, and childish.

1. Latino kids say “f*ck you!” to Donald Trump
Deport this (Screenshot /


2. White liberal writer calls Dr. Ben Carson a “token”.


3. Head of the NAACP calls Dr. Ben Carson a “safe negro”.


4. Women on The View insult Carly Fiorina’s face.


Name-calling, racial slurs, and insults; those are what Democrats are all about. Therefore, whenever you’re talking to a Democrat, realize that who you’re talking to is an intolerant bigot with the maturity level of a four-year-old child who will stab you in the back the first chance they get.  Then deal with them accordingly.


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Jul 102014


I don't own this photo. It's a cropped version from the Arizona Republic. All rights reserved.Date: 7/10/2014.
Location: Murietta, California

Situation: Liberals screaming their support for illegal immigrants to be dumped in their city to suck their social services dry and spread diseases like chicken pox, scabies, and head lice.

I’m not going to argue the case against illegal immigrants.  Instead, I share two ideas to make a lot of money off the liberal stupidity.  People who are so dense that they’ll actively scream and protest to let kids with diseases into their town to infect their own children deserve to be separated from their money.

Here are two ideas to suck a lot of money from these idiots.

1. Sell them hats, water, sunscreen, popsicles, and anything else that they’ll need in the hot summer sun.  Why? Because they’ve forgotten to bring it themselves!

How to get them to buy it?  Have a couple of your conservative Hispanic friends sell it to them.  The liberals are idiots; if they see a Hispanic they’ll assume they’re a Democrat and they’ll buy whatever the Hispanic is selling. It’s that easy.

2. Have a phony “petition” for these protestors to sign.  Tell them it’s going to go to “sending a message” to the government to “support the migrant children”.  Get their names and their email addresses.

Then do this: rent the names to list brokers. There are plenty of people who will pay good money for the names of Democrats who respond emotionally to liberal causes.  With enough names you can build a nice income.

So go to these protests happily: there are a lot of stupid liberals out there, and they deserve to get soaked out of their money.


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Mar 232013

There’s been a huge uproar online lately about something that happened at aAdria Richards Snitch tech conference, and the ultimate result.

Earlier this week at the PyCon conference (the largest annual gathering for developers using the open-source Python programming language), a woman named Adria Richards overheard a joke presumably between two men sitting behind her during a crowded presentation.

Richards was offended and took a picture of the two men who were allegedly making jokes. She tweeted, “Not cool. Jokes about forking repo’s in a sexual way and “big” dongles. Right behind me #pycon.” She also attached a photo of the two people making the jokes.*

Problem: Richards’ Twitter account has 12,000 followers.  So she blasted an unfounded accusation of two strangers out to 12,000 people.  Then she blogged about it later.  Reddit and Hacker News picked it up, so soon it was all over the internet.

Fired Over False Accusations
To make a long story short: one of the men in the photo was fired because of what he supposedly said, based on Richards’ tweet.  Later, however, Adria Richards was fired because the company she worked for didn’t like what she did.  This was reported all over the internet, too.

Actually, “reported” is too mild a word: people have been taking sides and yelling at each other for more than a week now.  Women supporting Richards are claiming that the alleged joke-tellers were engaged in “sexual harassment”.    While others, who support the two men, are telling the Richards-supporters to back off.

Harassment, no.  Defamation, yes
Were the alleged joke-telling men committing sexual harassment, as was suggested by the supporters of Richards?  No, not by the legal definition of harassment.  On the other hand, did Richards commit defamation of the two men?  By legal definition, yes.

All other arguments aside, here’s what really matters: Do YOU want to live in a world where a stranger can take your photo, Tweet it to 12,000 people along with an accusation, and you could lose your job because of it?  That’s scary.  The last time we had citizens getting innocent people in trouble based on vague allegations was during the Nazi regime…and I’m sure we don’t want to return to that era.

The guy who was accused of making the statements has a very good case against Richards.  If he doesn’t sue her and her company for losing his job, I’ll be very surprised.

This is a warning
More importantly, you might want to see this as a warning: be prepared for this sort of thing. There’s no telling when you could be laid off just because somebody snaps your photo and then Tweets it to all their followers.

Therefore, if your boss calls you into a meeting and demands to know why you “said” something, deny everything.  Unless there is an audio or video recording of you saying that, then there’s no case.  Also, it’s against the law to record you without your permission.  So be aware and be prepared.


*P.S. For those of you who have never heard the terms “dongle” and “fork”, a “dongle” is a small piece of hardware that attaches to a computer, TV, or other electronic device and enables additional functions such as copy protection, audio, video, games, data, or other services that are only available when it is attached.

“Forking”, as it relates to software, is defined as when developers copy a bit of source code from one software package and start independent development using it, creating a distinct piece of new software. (In other words, they “fork” it out of the original, like you would use a fork to pull one potato out of a pot that contained several.)

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Mar 162013

There’s a health care organization in California that is providing free health care for illegal aliens.  The organization called The California Endowment has pledged a special allocation of $225 million to support successful implementation of federal health reform in the state.

Endowment Senior Vice President Daniel Zingale said the California Endowment will spend some of the money on exploring health care options for undocumented immigrants.  In other words, illegals.

I’m not going to get into the whole illegal alien thing because it’s been hashed over and over.  The costs of allowing illegals to stay in the state is a heck of a lot more than just the health care costs.  However, this action by the California Endowment provides us with a huge opportunity.

How?  Easy.  Fire all your hourly employees, hire illegals, and then send them to the California Endowment for their health care.  Why not?  The libs are setting this up, so take advantage of it!

Find out more!  The California Endowment is at:
1000 N. Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(800) 449-4149

Call them today and drive your insurance costs down!


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