Dec 142016

To my Readers:
You know how I keep saying that the GOP doesn’t ever fight back, and instead attacks their own, because they are taking payoffs from the Democrats?  I now have proof:

Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, and John Kasich were on Hillary’s payroll during the presidential campaign:

That’s why they were fighting so hard to discredit Trump; they were being paid to do it. They didn’t want to be president – they just wanted the cash. If any of them had gotten the nomination they would have immediately rolled over and lost the election.

Also included in the payoffs were John McCain and Lindsay Graham.  They are paid operatives of the Democrats.

Never doubt what I say, folks. I am a political cynic, and political cynics are right most of the time.


Nov 292016

Now we see the real reason, the ultimate goal, for Germamerkel-as-hitlerny admitting (and then not deporting) the Muslims: taking control of the citizens.  Chancellor Angela Merkel is introducing new legislation for Germany:

Enhanced spying on the citizens:

Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, thus rendering them helpless to ever-expanding totalitarian government rule:

Since Angela Merkel wasn’t able to prove that there was radical activity from the right-wing to warrant extreme measures, she imported hundreds of thousands of radical Muslims to spread chaos and fear. This would make the citizens demand that the government do something.  And Merkel’s “something” is to clamp down on the citizens more.

By taking away guns and setting up constant surveillance, Merkel has guaranteed that no citizen will launch an offensive against her totalitarian government. She can go about looting the coffers of the government and setting herself up for life and there’s nothing the citizens can do about it.

That’s the bullet we dodged by electing Trump. Hillary would have done exactly the same thing.  She already said that she would import hundreds of thousands of Muslims and then try to repeal the Second Amendment. Why would she do that?  For the same reason Merkel is doing it: total control.  The citizens can’t drag her out of office when she’s the only one with weapons.


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Sep 012016

In August the Muslim “migrants” took a liking to underage children; five girls aged 12 – 14 and one four-year-old boy were raped, plus 1,400 cases of child sex in Britain were discovered.

In August there were:
23 Murders
3 Rapes
25 Sexual assaults
33 Stabbings
1,400 instances of sex with a child

Download the calendar below, and the next time you’re arguing with liberals, show it to them. You can download it by clicking on the image below.

Migrant Attack Calendar August 2016

Let’s hope the Europeans wise up soon, oust Angela Merkel, and then deport every one of these Muslim animals before more people are hurt, raped, or killed.


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Aug 132016

Muslim “migrants” are destroying Germany.  Rapes, murders, and sexual assaults are happening every day, and they’re all being done by the “migrants” from the Muslim countries.

In July there were:
* 96 murders
* 7 rapes
* 178 sexual assaults

Download the calendar below, and the next time you’re arguing with liberals, show it to them. This calendar shows the murders, rapes, etc. in Germany during July 2016. There are a couple from France, but the rest are Germany.

Download the calendar (it’s a pdf file) by clicking on the image below.

Migrant Attack Calendar_July 2016

This is how bad it’s gotten, and it’s getting worse. This is why Hillary must NOT be elected. She wants to import between one and two million Muslims. With that many people from backward third-world countries, it’s only a matter of time before this calendar applies to us.

Special thanks to for compiling all these crimes into one place.

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Aug 042016

Mr. Trump:How Trump can win the election

Congratulations on securing the Republican nomination for president.  You did a great job in the primaries and have laid out a clear plan for improving America.

Now you need to change your tactics immediately. In the general election you’re up against Hillary Clinton; a ruthless adversary who will spare no expense in order to take you down.  You must begin attacking her hard, and you must begin NOW.  You have three months before the general election so begin now in order to build up a huge bad image about her.  If you don’t, America will become a socialist third-world country where poverty and crime runs rampant.

How to do this? Go extremely negative. Here are six steps:

  1. Aggressively question Hillary’s health. As we remember, Hillary acted in a very bizarre manner at the Democrat convention. She also acted like a bobblehead during an interview. This could be caused by a medical condition.  Hire a doctor to watch the videos, proclaim that she has an illness (such as a recent stroke) and then demand that she make her medical records public.  This is a favorite tactic of Democrats, so use it against her.  When she refuses, demand to know “What’s she hiding??”.  Insist that her unwillingness to release her medical records is proof that she’s too ill to be president. Hit her with that again and again and again. Make it a big deal and don’t let up.  Take it all the way to election day.
  1. Push Hillary’s connection with illegal immigration. At every one of your campaign stops, bring black and Hispanic conservatives who have had family members killed by illegals onto the stage and have them tearfully blame Hillary. Point to Hillary’s desire to open the border and then demand an answer out of Hillary: why does she want more blacks and Hispanics murdered by illegals? Keep this up in addition to the demand for her medical records.
  1. Tie Hillary to the San Bernardino and Orlando terrorist murders. Point out that Hillary wants to import between one million and two million more Muslims into America. Have gay men come on stage and angrily demand to know why Hillary hates gays so much that she’ll bring in Two Million Muslims who want gay people dead. Have women come on stage and demand to know why Hillary wants to turn America into the rape capitol of the world. Keep this up in addition to #1 and #2, above.
  1. Create an “Investigation into Benghazi” forum. Use it to showcase Hillary’s “leadership style”, which is: ignore American security, do nothing during the attack, let Americans die, and then blame it on someone else. Tell Americans that their sons and daughters in the military will be under the command of a woman who will let them die just so she doesn’t lose political points.  Have families of the victims of Benghazi, San Bernardino, and Orlando come on stage and blame Hillary.  Demand to know why Hillary wants more Americans dead.  Keep this up in addition to #1, #2, and #3, above.
  1. Point out that Hillary lies constantly. She lied about Benghazi, she lied about Bosnia, and she lied about her private email server. Now she’s promising all kinds of things to her constituents if she’s elected. But she’s lying. She’s already proven that she’ll lie without any compunction. With a Hillary presidency there will be no “expanded employment opportunities”, no “tax relief for small businesses and the middle class”, and no “comprehensive immigration reform”. She’s lying to everyone. It’s all a hoax so she can get into the White House and make herself richer by selling more influence.
  1. Have people ready to attack the media when the media, expectedly, attacks back. Blame them of covering up the truth and promoting lies just so they can sell advertising. Use their phony Trayvon Martin stories and the “hands up don’t shoot” scam that they pushed as proof. Use this opportunity to bash the media hard as in-the-tank for Hillary and by doing so, killing Americans. Demand to know why they hate Americans. Read their own code of ethics to them and demand to know why they aren’t living up to them.

The point is: Attack, attack, attack. Invest at least 50% of your time attacking her with the points above. Make her followers really doubt her, and convince the conservatives that you’re a fighter so that they’ll go out and campaign harder to get Hillary knocked out of the race. We can’t afford Hillary Clinton in office. She must be taken down and the best way to do it is to be totally negative.

So please get started now so that the attacks will be relentless by November. We’ll see you in the White House.

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Jul 312016

Today is July 31, 2016 – 3 days after the end of the Democratconfused Hillary_small convention and Hillary’s acceptance speech.  But there are no poll numbers showing her standing after the convention.  Not a single media outlet, not even the conservative sites, is publishing any poll numbers.  Why not?

Pollsters love taking polls. During Trump’s acceptance speech on July 21 an instant poll was taken while he was speaking and then broadcast on TV. After Trump’s speech a broader poll was taken and the numbers were published on Friday, July 22.  Then his standing was polled practically every day, and the results published afterwards.  But not a peep out of the pollsters for Hillary so far.

Why?  Are her numbers that bad?

I’m willing to bet that the answer is “yes”.  I’m willing to bet that her numbers tanked so badly that the Mainstream Media isn’t going to report them and they’ve paid off the conservative media to stay quiet in order to make the final days of the campaign look like a race, rather than a route by Trump.

Why else would they be so silent?  If she had gotten a bounce from the convention the pollsters would publish it and the media pundits would be singing her praises. But there’s not a sound.

I think her numbers have tanked.  And for good reason, too.  That night was the final culmination of everything wrong with Hillary and the Democrat party. Consider these factors.

1.    The DNC was caught rigging the primaries to favor Hillary. Bernie Sanders never had a chance.  This ticked off a lot of Bernie supporters.
2.    Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, the head of the DNC, was fired for rigging the system and was immediately hired by Hillary. Which means Hillary encourages cheating.
3.    Because of the rigged system, 700 Bernie supporters walked out.
4.    To fill the seats, the DNC ran an ad on Craigslist to hire actors specifically to cheer, applaud, and wave signs.
5.    Meanwhile, Bernie supporters were rioting outside the convention hall, requiring hundreds of police to keep order.
6.    Hillary gave an extremely tepid acceptance speech.  She talked about her mother, promised free college tuition, and promised what Obama promised eight years ago: that she’d create jobs by repairing the infrastructure.  Which apparently didn’t get done during Obama’s term.

So she rigged the primaries, hired a disgraced cheater, hired actors to fill seats at the convention, incited riots outside the convention, and promised to do jobs that another Democrat promised he’d do eight years ago.

Yeah, her numbers tanked.  They probably dropped like a stone.  And here’s one more bit of proof: Reuters, the polling company, radically changed their polling method to favor Clinton. When Reuters suddenly changes the polling method that they’ve been using for decades and then back-interprets the previous polls, you know something is very wrong.

So now we wait for the adjusted poll numbers. But if Hillary is willing to hire actors to wave signs and cheer, she’s willing to pay the polling companies to stop taking polls until she can figure out a way to rig the system to get herself elected.

If Trump is wise, he’ll be on the lookout for that and will expose it the moment he sees anything suspicious. And that will drive Hillary’s numbers so far down that she’ll never get up again.

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Jun 302016

Hillary Clinton, in her few public appearances, has talked about howShouting Hillary she’s the “champion of women” and that her policies will will make America “stronger”.

But is that really the case? Not by a long shot. Hillary’s plans will destroy America. How, you ask? By implementing the failed policies that turned Sweden into the Rape Capitol of the World. Hillary wants to implement strict gun control to the point of confiscations. She also wants to import hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees”, groups of which ISIS and other terrorist organizations have already infiltrated.

She claims that this will make America “stronger”.  No, what this will really do is cause America to be swarmed by violent murderous scumbags who will rape young women and kill innocent people, and the citizens will be unable to defend themselves.

Sweden: No guns, lots of rape
Want proof?  Look at Sweden. That’s what Hillary’s America will look like.  Sweden implemented strict gun control in 1996.  In addition, The Muslim population has doubled in the last 14 years, with Muslims now accounting for over 41 percent of Sweden’s total population growth.

What’s been the result?  Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe. Sweden has the second highest number of rapes in the world, which at 53.2 per 100,000, is six times higher than the United States. Statistics now suggest that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped. Who’s doing the raping?  Muslim migrants.

Hillary: No guns, lots of rapes
Hillary wants to follow Sweden’s example and take away guns and bring in millions of Muslim immigrants. That will cause America to become Sweden. If you’re a woman, you will have a really good chance of being raped. And the Muslim rapists don’t care. Their culture and beliefs (Sharia Law) says that it’s OK for Muslim men to rape non-Muslim women. So you’ll be grabbed in broad daylight, dragged into an alley, raped repeatedly, and then probably murdered.

So here’s a question for women who are planning to vote for Hillary: WHY?? Why in the world would you vote for a woman who plans to bring 750,000 Muslim “migrants” into America in her first year in office?  Why would you vote for someone whose plans include bringing rapists to America??  Really, why? Do you want to have a 1-in-4 chance of being raped and then murdered? Because you will if you vote for Hillary.

Hillary doesn’t care about you.  Hillary has armed Secret Service agents guarding her 24/7, 365 days a year. She has nothing to worry about.  She will never be raped, molested, or even touched by anyone because she’s surrounded by armed security every moment of every day. She’s safe.

But not you. You’re vulnerable. You can get grabbed and raped at anytime. At the 2016 New Year’s festival in Germany 1,500 cases of sexual assault were reported to the police. ALL of the assaults were done by Muslim migrants.  Do you think Hillary cares? She doesn’t. All she’s done is tell you that if you oppose her plan to admit millions of rapists, you’re a “racist”.  Does that give you comfort?  Will you, when you’re being raped, think to yourself “Well, at least I’m not a racist!”.  No.

Don’t vote for Hillary in 2016. Yeah, Donald Trump isn’t the greatest – I agree with you on that. But at least he doesn’t want you to get raped.  He cares enough about you to pause Muslim migration until they can be vetted better.

Voting for Hillary is a vote to get raped. Do the right thing. Don’t let America become like Sweden. Keep Hillary out of office. Because this time, your life really does depend on it.

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Jun 202016

On Sunday, June 19, in an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Obama the MuslimAttorney General Loretta Lynch says that on Monday, the FBI will release edited transcripts of the 911 calls made by the Orlando nightclub shooter to the police during his rampage.  These transcripts would have the words “ISIS”, “Islam” and “Allah” removed.

What was her reason for hiding the truth?  “What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda,” Lynch said. “We are not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance [to the Islamic State].”

Since when is it the job of the Attorney General to create propaganda? It isn’t. There’s a reason she’s doing this.

Covering Up Obama’s Incompetence
AG Lynch is covering up Obama’s total incompetence in stopping terrorism.  Obama has been a total bust in fighting Islamic terrorism. Here are a couple of examples:

•    On November 11, 2015, Barack Obama told America that ISIS was “contained”.  On November 12, ISIS carried out a coordinated raid in Europe, killing 120 people.

•    On December 3, 2015, Obama told CBS’s Norah O’Donnell that America was safe from the Islamic State and urged Americans to feel safe. The next day, Islamic terrorists attacked a nursing home in San Bernardino, killing 14 innocent people.

•    On June 11, 2016, a Muslim terrorist goes into a gay bar in Orlando Florida and kills 49 people and wounds 54 others.  So how does Obama respond? By taking the words “ISIS”, “Islam” and “Allah” out of the 911 transcripts.

At first it might seem that Obama is merely incompetent. But in reality, Obama is probably helping Islamic terrorists. That’s the only reasonable explanation. Why else would he be scrambling to hide any references to Islam whenever there is a shooting?  It’s not just because he’s incompetent. It’s more likely that he’s helping Islam.

Obama admitted to being a Muslim 7 years ago on TV when he was running for president. As a Muslim, it’s his duty to never disparage other Muslims. That’s why he’s hiding Islam in all mass shootings. But by doing so, he’s helping the terrorists.

He’s also creating a dangerous situation for all Americans.  He’s hiding the fact that it’s indeed Islam doing the mass killings, so he doesn’t have to do anything about it.

Obama will be out of office in January of 2017.  It’s critical that we do NOT place another Muslim-loving politician in office. Specifically, we can NOT elect Hillary Clinton. Hillary has taken millions of dollars from Islamic countries that openly kill homosexuals.  She’s also pledged to import more Muslim “refugees” into America even though ISIS has said that they would infiltrate those “refugees” in order to carry out terrorism in America.

America made a mistake electing Obama. Let’s not make the same mistake again.  Because this time our lives depend on it.


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Jun 192016

Today on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” presumptive Republican Donald Trumppresidential nominee Donald Trump suggested that the USA should consider profiling.  During the interview, when asked about profiling Trump said, “Well, I think profiling is something that we’re going to have to start thinking about as a country. We have to look at it seriously.”

Naturally, the liberal media went wild.  CNN, New York Times, and the Washington Post immediately ran stories about Trump wanting to profile Muslims. Of course, they portrayed Trump as an evil person for wanting to do that.  Because, they all claim, “profiling is wrong”.

The LameStream Media Profiles White People:
Oh really? Well then, how many times has the Mainstream Media profiled white people?

Lots of times.  Google “cnn and “white people””, and you get 527,000 results.

Headlines like:
1. 4/13/2016: “What white people have to say about being white”
In which they talk about “sensitizing white people to their own racialized experience”, analyzing ideas like “white privilege” and “structural racism”.

2. 4/2/2016: “Dear white people with dreadlocks…”
In which white people wearing dreadlocks are accused of “cultural appropriation”.

3. March 24, 2016: “White people can’t understand Muslim Culture.” On “CNN Tonight” with Don Lemon,  guest Rula Jebreal claimed “white people” cannot understand Islamic culture.”

NBC News is no better:

June 14 2015: “White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S.”

June 12, 2016: NBC ‘Law Enforcement Expert’ Blamed Orlando Terror Shooting on Anti-Gay ‘White Hate Groups’

So don’t go on about Donald Trump’s call for profiling radical Muslims. Donald Trump is responding in a rational manner to the recent Muslim terrorist attacks in both the United States and Europe where innocent people were slaughtered by Muslims.

14 innocent people died in San Bernardino in 2015. 49 innocent people died in a Muslim terrorist attack in Orlando. Not to mention the Fort Hood shooting and the 3,000 innocent Americans who died in the World Trade Center. Trump is reacting like any sane person would react. He’s recommending an action that will keep terrorists out of the US until we have a better method of screening them.

“But…but…the Orlando killer was born in the USA!” shriek the liberals. Yes, he was. And because we have home-grown Muslim killers already in America, we don’t need to import any more.  That simple idea is obviously beyond the grasp of the feeble liberal brain.

Let’s stop with the BS
So let’s cut the crap about “profiling”. Until the New York Times, CNN, and NBC News stop profiling white people, they have no business criticizing Trump about wanting to profile Muslims.

Because if profiling is meant to stop the people who are profiled, then it all boils down to this:
* Donald Trump wants to stop Muslim terrorists who kill Americans.
* The LameStream Media wants to stop Americans, who want to stop Muslims from killing Americans.

Seeing that, it’s obvious that the real enemy of America is the LameStream Media.

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May 252016

I think this entire “transgender bathroom” nonsense is a smokescreen.  I think that Trump is way ahead of Hillary in the polls and the LSM concocted a “scandal” to draw attention away from it.  Really. Think about it for a moment….

Every day Hillary shows the libs what a witch she is.  She’s insulted:

  • Black people with her obvious pandering (“I carry hot sauce in my purse!”)
  • Hispanics, with her phony I’m just like your grandmother! campaign.
  • Women, by taking millions of dollars from Islamic countries.
  • The entire state of California by telling them “your vote doesn’t matter”.

The liberals are slowly waking up to the truth: Hillary’s “leadership” would consist of issuing orders, raising taxes, swinging deals that line her pockets with millions of dollars, and holding press conferences during which she tells The People “Too bad if you don’t like it. I’m the queen”.

In addition, Hillary is floundering in her message:

It’s become obvious that her campaign is run on nothing but image.  She hasn’t said what she’ll *do* because she can’t really do anything.  So all she’s left with is attacking Trump.  And that’s not going well either.

So the LameStream Media has to do something to cover all this up.  And what better thing to do than build up the transgender bathroom issue? They know that it’ll get the conservatives in a rage, and that’ll bring out all the gay activists, so they run with it. This sort of conflict involves everyone and is good for many weeks of headlines and “top stories” in the news.

So Trump is probably really far ahead in the polls with both dems and conservatives, and the LSM is pulling out all stops to hide it.  Why else would they make such a big stink out of an issue that affects .03% of the population?

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